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Based in the picturesque seaside of the Mornington Peninsula, Joy Diving is a social enterprise offering tailored services for late and self-diagnosed neurodivergent adults, and families of neurodivergent children and teens.

Joy Diving specialises in tailored support services including private coaching, scuba diving, and retreats both locally and internationally.

I get that it’s a big commitment to invest in yourself. It’s important to choose the right person who will understand you and your needs, and who will collaborate with you in a way that is meaningful for you. 

To help you work out if I have the skills and approach that will help you transition from chaos to calm and joy, I welcome you to book a discovery call with me.  I’m happy to answer your questions and explore if we are a good fit together for private coaching, scuba diving, or to arrange a restful boutique retreat.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

Warmth and Fishes

Coaching, Consultation and Courses

What brings each person joy is personal, and we often can’t bring joyful experiences into our lives until we feel a sense of calm. I guide and support sensitive people to dive into their unique brain with curiosity, kindness and a sense of adventure, to transition from chaos to calm, and discover what brings joy. 

I coach neurodivergent and sensitive people to transform from chaos to joyful living

I coach neurodivergent and sensitive people to transform from chaos to calm by curiously learning about their unique brain, with kindness and a spirit of adventure, to move towards living a joyful life. 

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When I was first diagnosed with ASD and ADHD it was like putting on a cloak of compassion. For the first time in my life I began to understand there is nothing wrong or bad about me, it’s just that my brain is different to most people. I’d spent my life trying to work out which part of me was broken, in an unkind and self-berating hyperfocus mode.

Joy increases brain health and holistic well-being.  Because of this realisation I created Joy Diving

I wasn’t aware of my brain’s sensory processing system, the impact of sensory information, or the role having low dopamine had on my behaviour and mood.  I was living inside a chaotic system, flying blind and alone until my early 40s.

My quest to understand my identity really shifted after a late diagnosis.  I got a lot of help to make sense of my own brain.  I did loads of research, connected with the neurodivergent community and experimented with different strategies to nourish and support myself to feel good and calm. Once I calmed my nervous system, I was able to explore what brings me joy. I discovered I didn’t need to hyperfocus and drill down on what I thought were flaws. I could instead turn my focus of attention towards joy. My experience has shown me that joy is deeply therapeutic for our nervous systems.

Because ND and sensitive people belong in this world, we should be able to easily access joyful experiences that are readily available in the community that are sensitive to and accommodate for our brain differences. Unfortunately, mainstream experiences aren’t there yet. 

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On a personal level Joy Diving is a reminder that getting into the ocean and spending time with sea life is my ultimate joy. Diving does wonders for my nervous system. A weekly dive resets my brain, and is powerfully therapeutic for me. I hated my first dive years ago. Since my late diagnosis I get why I hated it: the dive masters and teachers were rushing because they had 10 other newbies, and a string of courses and guided dives to do after our discover scuba. I didn’t get time to process or learn, and I was fighting anxiety and fear. It was far too quick, I didn’t get time to understand the equipment, the instructors were not informed about ND sensitivities, and I didn’t know much about my own brain and how to support it. It was awful.

A weekly dive resets my brain and is powerfully therapeutic for me

So I’m in the process of becoming a Dive Master, specifically to provide ND and sensitive people with an awesome scuba experience. I don’t plan to be the main guide or instructor for years. You will be in good hands with highly qualified dive instructors and dive masters, with years of experience. I’ll be there to add the ND friendly elements based on what you need to enjoy the experience.

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Sarah specialises in helping neurodivergent people to understand their unique brain and live more joyful lives. She has lived experience of trauma, PTSD, ASD and ADHD as well as the education and knowledge to provide quality support and unique guidance.

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